For Men


Plastic Surgery used to be viewed as procedures for women only. However, recent studies show that men are changing their attitudes towards plastic surgery and the number of men having plastic surgery has risen sharply over the past few years – and continues to rise. Men today are not only more aware of their own health issues, but are also aware of the advantages that plastic surgery can have on their appearance and self-confidence. We offer several procedures to meet needs of our male patients.

Hair Replacement

Statistics show that over 40% of men in the United States suffer from hair loss – but not many seek medical treatment for restoration. Hair loss can be caused by certain medications, infections, out of balance hormones, hair treatments or genetics. In men, male-pattern baldness is genetic. It is the most common cause of hair loss for men and typically starts with a receding hairline or balding on the top of the head at an early age. Hair replacement, or hair transplant, is just one way to treat hair loss. With hair transplant, hair follicles are transplanted in the scalp from a donor area. Advances in surgical technology have made hair replacement surgery results more successful and natural looking than ever

Chest Reduction

Many men seek a chest reduction because of embarrassment and discomfort. Enlarged breasts in men (gynecomastia) are caused by excess breast tissue or skin that has developed as a result of certain medications, hormone imbalances, body building or being overweight. During this procedure, the excessive breast tissue is surgically removed to provide the patient a more masculine chest contour.


In today’s society, more men are requesting liposuction to get the masculine chiseled look. Areas that are targeted with liposuction for men include the “love handles”, abdomen, neck, chin and chest. During the liposuction procedure, the excess fat is suctioned out of the body. While this procedure does remove fat from unwanted areas, it should not be a replacement for the patient’s daily/weekly exercise routine.

SmartLipo Breasts & Abs

Using state-of-the-art techniques designed specifically for the male body, Dr. Boutté can help male patients enhance their natural masculine appeal.