BEST Provider for SMART LIPO....HANDS DOWN! - Lilburn, GA

Heard so many great things about Dr. Boutte and I wanted to experience for myself! I am very pleased to announce and refer Dr. Boutte for smart lipo/fat transfer. She is very passionate and concerned with what she does. The staff members are just as sincere as her. I would strongly recommend Dr. Boutte for any services that she offer. Down time 3 days most, cost efficient, referral fee offered, comfortable, cleanest doctor office I've visited. I love this lady and her staff... I'll toot her horn if no one else does, DR. BOUTTE IS THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!

Just Had my Lower, upper Abs, Flanks and Underarms Done 3/22/13 - Atlanta, GA

Found out about Dr. Boutte on this realself.com and then I went in for a consultation and felt like she was the one to do my surgery.

Smart Lipo Upper Arms - Lilburn, GA

I began researching this particular doctor two years ago and decided that her track record spoke for itself. Plus the reviews online helped the decision as well. The staff was awesome. They made me feel like nothing and no one mattered but me.

Smart Lipo Experience - Absolutely NO REGRETS! - Atlanta, GA

Dr. B and her team are First Rate!! Her facility is beautiful!! Like I said, she's an amazing doctor and she cares about her patients. If you're in Atlanta, or any surrounding area, make Dr. B your go-to doctor for any Smart Lipo, dermatological, or spa treatments. You'll have absolutely NO REGRETS. Love you, Doc! Muah!! Thanks for my totally fabulous new body.

Help contour areas that needed a little help. - Smart Lipo - Lilburn, GA

Dr. B is the best doctor in the Atlanta area. I will recommend her to everyone I know. Her services were excellent. I will definitely return for other procedures. Her services are very affordable.

Eleven Inches Lost - Lilburn, GA

I was referred by a co-worker and she was absolutely right. The entire staff was wonderful and I must say the office is aesthetically beautiful. Dr. Boutte is awesome!!! She's really personal and enjoys what she does. I can't imagine having gone anywhere else.

Fabulous, Relaxing, Caring and Dedicated! - Lilburn, GA

Dr. was very compassionate and informative about my Smart Lipo procedure. As she talked to me during my procedure I could tell that she was dedicated and overjoyed with what she does and the services she provides. Never would I have expected to feel so comfortable. It was as if I had known her for years. She made me feel good about myself and not to forget how fabulous I look only a month after having it done. Her staff is great and friendly. The facility has a delightful ambiance. It was just an all-around good experience. I will be returning to get a spa treatment in a couple of days. I love this place!!!

Sensational Lipo and Juvederm - Lilburn, GA

Dr. Boutte was very friendly and reassuring. During my procedure she and Nurse Lee were professional and caring. They took the time to explain everything and Dr. Boutte talked to me all the way through the procedure. The day after my procedure, I kept vomiting. Nurse Lee called me three times and told me to eat because my body lost a lot of fluid during the smart Lipo and was looking for nourishment. She told me to call her if I needed her and this was the weekend before Christmas. I was very pleased that she cared enough to make herself available to me even during the holidays. Once I started eating regular meals, instead of the soup I was trying to eat, I started feeling much better after just 5 days. I had just been shown some botched results from a lady who went to Sono Bella and spent a little more than I did on her procedure. Dr. Boutte, Nurse Lee and the staff were excited for me. The ladies were genuinely pleased that I was doing so well. When I slid off my skirt so I could be squeezed into a size 28inch waist body shaper, I told Nurse Lee and another nurse that my thighs were huge and disgusting compared to my waist and they reassured me that I was beautiful and the new confidence I had with the thinner waist would motivate me to walk more once I healed. They were so thoughtful and Dr. Boutte was equally complimentary. I was pleased and I am still wearing the body shaper. It is tight but I see my new shape becoming more apparent. I am pleased that I did this for myself. Thanks Dr. Boutte for giving this 50+ woman the waistline she had 2 children and 30 years ago.


So Far, So Good! Would Do It Again - Lilburn, GA

Dr. Boutte was very pleasant to speak with and she is very knowledgeable in her field. We spoke the whole time and I almost forgot I was even having surgery because I felt close to no discomfort.

Smart Lipo is Lipo - Period - Atlanta, GA

This is a well-oiled machine. Everyone knows their job, they do plenty of surgeries and the facilities are clean and the staff is efficient. For me coming from Midtown it is not the closest but I heard Dr. Boutte was the best and I am excited to see my results!

Smart Lipo - My Attempt at Pressing the Reset Button - Lilburn, GA

Appointment was at 10am. We started around 11am. However, I had no problem with it at all. It gave me time to laugh it up with my best friend in the waiting area and watch television. The process was great and speedy at the time. However, new developments surrounding patients becoming ill and infected have me worried for the practice. Phone responsiveness was initially great, however, they have also stopped returning many people's phone calls and been featured on Fox News.

Full-Time Nurse, Mother of Twins, & Graduated Student - Lilburn, GA

Dr. Boutté was amazing she came to meet with me for a personal consultation on her day off which was so sweet of her! She was very patient and pleasant when answering all of my questions. During the surgery I could feel a little pain toward the end but the nurse, a med student and Dr. Boutté were reassuring and comforting. The med student even held my hand. They kept cheering me on that I could do this and it was almost over. Which it was! The drugs they give you before definitely helped relax me and made the situation even better. They only downside was with the communication with the front desk personnel. They really don't return e-mails promptly but as a nurse myself I see how that can be a problem when you have hundreds of potential clients trying to reach you. Crystal and Sylvia were both pleasant and Sylvia was great about returning calls and being available when I called in. Overall great experience and I would do it all again with her if I could!!!